"e-methodology" 2015 


The attitudes of the Internet users towards the January Uprising



Marek Szalkiewicz

Social and Human Sciences Faculty, Witelon State University of Applied Sciences, Sejmowa Street 5, Legnica, Poland.
E-mail address: marekszalkiewicz1990@gmail.com



One of the most important events in XIX century  Europe was the January Uprising. This late flurry of nationalities was written up in  history as a Polish bushfighters’ disaster and spread of repression which was touched off by the  tsar. To this day the January Uprising is variously received and it is a subject of discussion raged over not only by historians  but also Internet users. Because of this fact Internet users on many historian’s internet forums have many attitudes which are the cause of the research.  Content analysis method was used to examine the problem. The categories described were extracted based on Internet users’ answers.


Keywords: January Revolt, internet forum, post, Internet users, attitudes.


  DOI: 10.15503/emet2015.104.111

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