"e-methodology" 2015 


Race and Ethnicity in the Online Environment: Online Participation in Discriminatory Practices


Klára Brožovičová

Department of European Ethnology, Masaryk University, Nováka Street 1, Brno, Czech Republic

E-mail address: brozovicova@phil.muni.cz


This thesis focuses on discriminatory practices in online space. The work tries to refute common beliefs about equal and apolitical access to the internet. The purpose is to highlight the spreading of stereotypes in the Czech internet environment and to show how a group can be oppressed on the basis of ethnicity through cyberspace. The suitable object of analysis were the widespread stereotypes about the Roma population in the environment. For analysis were selected forums related to news portals, hobby sites, and other ordinarily available servers. The work distinguishes different types of stereotypical information and explains the mechanisms which spread the stereotypes. The work explains how racism is related to stereotypical contentions of racism and how this is supported in the discussion forums. The thesis explains how people with a racist attitude support each other in their attitude and how they legitimize their views in the discussion community. The work is written in English, so that it addresses the issue of cyber-racism in Czech discussion forums to the experts and the general public who do not speak Czech, because the environment of Czech internet forums is not available for them.


Keywords: internet , discrimination , racism , Roma, Morozov, discourse analysis


  DOI: 10.15503/emet2015.128.153

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