"e-methodology" 2015 


The global phonographic market: record labels,

artists and fans in the internet era


Andrzej Buda


 Department of Complex Systems, Nuclear Physics Institute, Polish Academy of Science, Radzikowskiego Street 152, Cracow, Poland.


Andrzej Jarynowski

Department of Theory of Complex Systems, Smoluchowski Institute,  Jagiellonian University, Łojasiewicza Street 11 , Kraków, Poland

Department of Theoretical Physics, Moldova State University, Alexei Mateevici Street 60, Kishinev, Moldova

E-mail address: andrzej.jarynowski@uj.edu.pl



           The Internet has given a possibility to exchange information and files between music fans that have been previously devoted to physical forms of music records. It has changed completely the structure of  the phonographic market. On the one hand, fans have the opportunity to exchange pirated copies of songs and albums, which results in a decrease in sales. On the other hand phonographic companies have introduced electronic format, which maximizes their profits. We investigate the properties of global and local phonographic markets under and before the influence of the Internet era. For example time scales of processes of distribution are few times shorter, than before the Internet and records achieve top positions on the polls already at launch. We also discuss the impact of the Internet on record sales.


Keywords: phonographic market, statistics of music.


  DOI: 10.15503/emet2015.96.103

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