Problems of experimental researches conducted with the use of the Internet based on a failed experiment on the attitude of Polish people towards some neighboring nations.


Joanna A. Wróbel

Faculty of Pedagogy, University of Wroclaw 

Dawid Street 1, Wroclaw, Poland

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The  contemporary visual culture suggests to a modern person that a visual content has dominant influence on the information we  acquire and it is largely responsible for shaping our attitudes and opinions of others. The experiment that is described  here is entitled: “A research on the attitude of Polish people towards some neighboring nationsand its aim was to evaluate this theory. There were two experimental  attempts, both withheld because in both  cases the research groups stopped sending their responses. This drew the researcher’s attention to difficulties occurring when using the Internet as a research tool. The final part of the article contains advantages, and  disadvantages of doing a research by the Internet as well as conclusions based on personal experience.


Keywords: pedagogical experiment, information, image, research, change of the attitude, polls, visual culture, the Internet.



DOI 10.15503/emeth2014-104-112

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