Comparative methods of obtaining information by students


Kamil Błaszczyński

Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Wrocław

Plac Uniwersytecki Street 1, 50-137, Wrocław, Poland

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Cultural changes in the form of the technical and technological development are affecting all educational institutions including universities. The information revolution, which has resulted in the emergence of the information society and the knowledge economy, not only changes the perception of the quality of information, but also the methods of obtaining it.

  The following text describes the results of an executed experiment related to teaching methods. The author has attempted to give an answer to  two major problems: comparison of the teaching effectiveness of sources such as  books, articles, general physical university library collections and the Internet. Then the comparison of methods used by students in obtaining information, in order to identify what is most effective.


Keywords: teaching college, experiment, technics, technology, methods of acquiring knowledge, the effectiveness of acquisition of knowledge, the Internet.



DOI 10.15503/emeth2014-113-136

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