Online experiment in pedagogy – possibilities and limitations of the method


Dominika Wójcik-Chałupka

Faculty of Pedagogy, University of Wrocław, Dawid Street 1, Wrocław, Poland

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 The aim of this article is to show possibilities which are given to a researcher by placing experimental research in the Internet. The use of the Internet in scientific research has become very popular nowadays. However, in case of the method of an experiment, it is still not a form which is often used by Polish scientists. Although the use of this method of  experiment may bring science undeniable advantages in pedagogy, it is used  seldom even in a "classical" form – offline. In the article basic difficulties related to the metod of an experiment and the possibilities of eliminating them with the help of the Internet were discussed.  Also discussed were  problematic issues which are especially worth drawing attention to while designing and carrying out scientific research online.


Keywords: experiment, pedagogical experiment, online experiment, online research. 


DOI 10.15503/emeth2014-17-27

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