Doors are better than windows.

Social influence on the Internet – “Window-In-The-Face Technique


Bartosz Ogonowski

Polish Association of Psychology Students and Alumni,  Wóycicki Street 1/3, 14, Warsaw, Poland

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Maria Kierach

Faculty of Psychology, University of Wrocław,  Dawid Street 1, Wrocław, Poland

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The following article is about  social influence on the Internet. Researchers  are interested in social influence techniques applied on the Internet - particularly the case of the door-in-the-face technique. It seems that there are hardly any studies about this technique. The researchers conducted two experiments to test the effectiveness of the technique on the Internet. The technique has proved to be ineffective on online conditions. Researchers attempt to explain this phenomenon in the article.


Keywords: social influence, social influence on the Internet, door-in-the-face technique.



DOI 10.15503/emeth2014-37-44

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