Basic principles of conducting psychological experiments

through the Internet


Jakub Kuś

University of Social Sciences and Humanities in Wrocław

Aleksander Ostrowski Street 30b,Wrocław, Poland

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The Internet has become an inherent part of its users lives. More and more activities are performed through it and that is why conducting research in this subject is increasingly common. This article discusses issues related to conducting experimental psychological researches through the Internet. The first part of the article shows the dynamics of the Internet’s growth as a research area. Next, you will be introduced to the basic rules of conducting methodologically correct experiments using the Internet. The article ends with a description of several psychological experiments conducted in a virtual environment and is followed by an analysis of advantages and disadvantages of the method.


Keywords: experiment, Internet, psychology, methodology.


 DOI 10.15503/emeth2014-9-16

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