Using the Internet as a new educational tool: the case of Libri platform at Seeu

  • Jonuz Abdullai Faculty of Public Administration and Political Sciences, South East European University, Tetovo
  • Ylber Sela Ylber Sela Faculty of Law, State University of Tetovo, Tetovo
Keywords: internet, education, Libri platform, learning management system


With the development of new technologies, the use of internet in education has become a necessity and a tool that can contribute in fulfillment of curriculum requirements as well as in communication between the lecturer and the students.

The South East European University has developed its own Learning Management System named Libri and it can be accessed both by teachers and students via the internet. This platform is in line with the up to date trends in information systems and plays its role in the development of the educational system within the University.

The gained experience in this field will be the main focus of our research. We will introduce and analyze the annual reports of the Quality Assurance and Management Office of the same University regarding the usage of Libri by students and teachers of the university. The used methodology will contain content analysis, comparative and analytical methods.



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