Difficulties in conducting research with the use of virtual reality (VR)





Introduction. Virtual reality is a technology which is increasingly more often used not
only by the entertainment industry, but also in education, medicine, trade, and tourism.
Conducting research with the use of virtual reality is necessary in order to confi rm or disclaim
its effectiveness as a tool in particular uses.
The aim. The aim of this paper is to present and analyse the diffi culties which arise
during research with the use of VR.
Methods and materials. The authors have analysed the diffi culties mentioned by researchers,
as well as those addressing their own experiences gained during research with the
use of VR.
Conclusions. The diffi culties arising during the research testing the use of VR can be
divided into three groups. The fi rst group includes those connected with the research subjects.
There are objections related to certain illnesses, what is more, some individuals may
feel fear of new technologies or lack interest in them. The second group contains the problems
connected with the features of the equipment. The cost, the space necessary to carry
out the research, and the number of assistants required make it diffi cult to conduct research
on a large number of individuals at the same time, and to popularise the use of the equipment.
That is why researchers often use one tool only while working with a number of
people, which leads to wear and tear of the equipment. There is still a shortage of software
solutions dedicated to therapists and educators. Researchers often use software designed
for entertainment. The third group of diffi culties is related to the persons carrying out the
research. The researchers ought to receive suffi cient training, they may require help transporting
the equipment, and they cannot anticipate the reactions of the particular research
subjects. When writing the article we have noticed yet another obstacle, which may prove
impossible to overcome in the near future. VR glasses are typically used by a number of
people, which may be a threat in the times of an epidemic.


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LUBA JAKUBOWSKA, Department of Promotion of Health, Faculty of Health Sciences, Wroclaw Medical University Barta 5, 51-618 Wrocław

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