The usage of an online survey questionnaire to study the phenomenon of student prostitution




Aim. The aim of the study is to prove the effectiveness of conducting Internet research
when analysing controversial and embarrassing topics, such as e.g. providing sex services
for money during studies.
Methodology. The research group consisted of 1877 people taking up studies at
Polish universities. Empirical data was collected using a questionnaire form via the Internet.
Respondents were asked about their own experience in prostitution and their attitude
towards providing sexual services for money. Students expressed their opinions on
a four-level scale and in open questions, where they had the opportunity to write a longer
Results. Studies conducted via the Internet have shown that the phenomenon of student
prostitution is popular in Polish academic circles. It turned out that the most frequent
reasons for practising prostitution were: the unfavourable material situation in the family
home, unfavourable material situation during studies, lack of responsibility for oneself and
low level of religiousness. What is more, in the open questions the students indicated: laziness,
above-average sexual drive and consumerism supported by the culture of promiscuity.
The online survey gave the respondents an increased sense of anonymity, which made
them willing to share their experiences and private stories.




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KAMILA WYLĘGŁY. (2020). The usage of an online survey questionnaire to study the phenomenon of student prostitution. E-Methodology, 6(6), 37–43.



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