Teaching methods matched with TEL tools to improve higher education within AduLeT project





Concepts discussed. E-learning has become a common way to teach and learn. The
number of technologies for a variety of educational purposes is already quite large and constantly
rising. Nevertheless, there is still a lack of formal training and support of digital skills
within faculty training. The European ERASMUS+ project AduLeT (Advanced Use of Technologies
in Higher Education) wants to improve the teaching quality of lecturers by enhancing
their skills concerning the use of technologies in an advanced way. It also aims at training
the lecturer on how a specifi c teaching method can be combined with a certain technology in
addition to providing guidelines, best practice and strategy concepts for lecturers and universities.
AduLeT has the primary target group of lectures at the partners’ universities.
Results and conclusions. The analysis of multiple studies before the project identifi ed:
the following barriers concerning the advanced use of learning technologies in higher learning:
(1) time, (2) motivation, (3) institutional/cultural factors and (4) self-effi cacy/self-confi
dence. As higher education lecturers face almost the same barriers to a different extend in
many different countries, the aim of AduLeT is to provide lecturers an environment with
helpful information for their teaching. A support system is implemented as a community of
practice (CoP) with all the results of the project and driven by pedagogical aspects.
Original approach. This article gives an insight into the project, and discusses the barriers
that were identifi ed within the scope of the project among the Hungarian participants.


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ILDIKÓ SZABÓ. (2020). Teaching methods matched with TEL tools to improve higher education within AduLeT project. E-Methodology, 6(6), 119–127. https://doi.org/10.15503/emet2019.119.127



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