Attitude of young women aged 18-30 to menstrual tracking apps




Aim. The aim of this article is to explore the attitudes of young women towards menstrual cycle tracking applications.

Methods. The study involved 85 women aged 18 to 30 years to investigate their experiences and opinions regarding the use of menstrual tracking apps. In this work, the method of diagnostic survey was used.

Results and conclusion. The vast majority of respondents use apps to track their menstrual cycle. The most frequently mentioned applications are: Flo and Clue. Respondents who do not use these applications cite as the main reason that they did not know about the existence of such applications or do not like the format. The study shows that most respondents learn about these types of applications from the Internet. The vast majority of surveyed women report that the application correctly monitors the menstrual cycle and use it mainly for this purpose.

Cognitive value. The cognitive value of this article is that women aged 18-30 often use menstrual cycle tracking apps and find them useful but also most of the respondents confirm the credibility of the application in monitoring the menstrual cycle.


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Kuźma, D., & Papierkowska, R. (2023). Attitude of young women aged 18-30 to menstrual tracking apps. E-Methodology, 9(9), 64–71.



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