• PAOLO DI SIA University of Padova, School of Engineering, Stradella S. Nicola 3, I-36100 Vicenza,Italy


The future of the Internet and of computer communication goes through modern physics. Using the new properties of quantum mechanics, various research laboratories around the world are building prototypes of “quantum networks”, a new way that uses some quantum physics principles to deliver information packets. In the near future our data will be able to travel on the Internet at very high speed, also greater than the speed of light, thanks to the quantum network. Independent research groups have already been able to demonstrate the entanglement of photons on fiber optic networks in China and Canada. The result can be considered as the first step for the realization of quantum telematic networks on a metropolitan scale and the connection at large distances of future computers based on quantum physics. But the quantum computer will be  such a   powerful system that can  even damage the security of our systems and networks as we know them today, as well as to personal privacy, already threatened  by current network rules.

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