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In establishing the Journal we were inspired by the work of the e-methodology research team. We have conducted three research projects. The results of two of these were published in scientific monographs. Papers based on the most recent project were published in the first issue of this journal, which was entirely dedicated to experimental research carried out by means of the Internet.

E-methodology is an annual scientific publication dedicated to the difficulties connected with research in social sciences and humanities conducted by means of the Internet, as well as the opportunities that it provides. We accept theoretical papers on this subject and papers presenting the results of research conducted on or by means of the Internet (understood as a research environment and/or a research tool). We would like the authors to pay special attention to the specificity of “Internet methodology”.

The papers are divided into three permanent sections:

1) “About the Internet” – Theory

2) “On the Internet” – Research

3) “With the Internet” – Projects


Theoretical papers on the difficulties and the opportunities created by using the Internet in scientific research are published in section one.

The results of research conducted by means of the Internet are published in section two.

Section three includes project reports and research/educational projects presenting the opportunities provided by using the Internet.

Our main goal is to search for effective solutions in Internet research. On behalf of the Editorial Board and myself allow me to invite you to read and publish in our journal.



Chief Editor Luba Jakubowska


Published: 2018-03-27