Visual methodologies


Thesis.Visual methodologies utilise strategies with the use of photographic and video materials. Visual materials can be considered factual materials.

The concepts discussed. In the article, the author discusses four main research strategies with the use of photography (Konecki, 2009).

Results and conclusions. Photographing is considered a very good research material. By interpreting and analysing visual materials, one can draw conclusions about specific social phenomena, discover social microworlds and reconstruct individual life stories.

Author Biography

Magda Wieteska, Faculty of Pedagogy, University of Wroclaw, Dawida 1 Wroclaw, Poland

Master of Pedagogy and Andragogy, a PhD student at the University of Wrocław. She graduated from the Pedagogy Department at the University of Wrocław, major: adult education and social marketing; coaching and career counseling. She is a journalist, writer, and instructor of literary and journalism workshops. Scientific interests: adult education, gerontology, silver marketing, (auto)biographical approach in adult education.

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